We work with Media, Creative, Field Marketing, PR, Content, 

Social & Integrated agencies who are looking to 

build a competitive experiential offering that will 

drive business growth with new and existing clients.

We work with agencies to:

  1. Create Winning Experiential Pitch Proposals
  2. Develop Experiential Proposition & IP
  3. Train and Build Experiential Teams



Experiential Marketing is proven to drive brand perception, positive sentiment, recommendation and purchase behaviour by up to 160%.

Experiential Pitch Doctor

Experiential Pitch Doctor

We work with agencies to bring to life  pitches that include experiential elements:

  • Integrate experiential into existing concepts
  • Create experiential concepts and executions
  • Budget and work through logistics of experiential elements
  • Engage and orchestrate with the most suitable suppliers to ensure delivery capability 
  • Create strategy for experiential, sampling and trial campaigns

Develop Experiential IP & Proposition

Develop Proposition & IP

We work with agencies to drive business growth through developing Experiential Propositions and opportunities:

  • Audit existing agency set up 
  • Determine experiential opportunities
  • Extend IP and values into Experiential Proposition 
  • Develop tools & case studies to sell in to clients
  • Identify business opportunities with new & existing clients (based on proposition)

Building & Training Experiential Teams

Train & Build Experiential Teams

We also offer services to train your existing team: 

  • Responding to an experiential brief 
  • Planning Experiential Campaigns
  • Selecting and managing production and technology suppliers
  • Delivering Experiential Campaigns
  • Measuring Experiential Campaigns

Alternatively we can build a best in class experiential team from scratch, through our extensive experiential network.

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